Schillberg Law, LLC was in need of a more cohesive marketing strategy and a tighter integration of their website with their digital marketing efforts. The previous site was not mobile-friendly and the blog was on a separate platform. Without these two elements and the effectiveness and efficiency of my client, the website in its previous state was not an effective tool for generating leads for the client. It was impossible to keep a full pipeline of prospective clients without resorting to “renting” 3rd party media platforms.
Schillberg Law, LLC is a successful company with years of experience and incredible customer service but the website’s shortcomings didn’t reflect those attributes.
BelMarketing Design Studio delivered a website that not only visually enhanced the client’s brand, but created a platform that will allow the client to blog more effectively and build an email marketing list.
The client can use their website to display his dedication and commitment to customer service, and his wealth of knowledge and experience. BelMarketing Design Studio will continue working Schillberg Law to take those elements and merge them into an effective, cohesive, lead-generating program.

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