Each of the designs here were created using a combination of Adobe software, sliced in Photoshop and then programmed into HTML layouts. 

Because I was the only (or primary) designer for a majority of my time at GRM, I had to come up with a system that would allow me to turnaround the emails in a very short time. 

Each month, I would take the Photoshop template with guides already set, create my design, and then exported the slices utilizing a naming convention structured in this manner: ARN_05MAY15_01, ARN_05MAY15_02, etc. 

The email distribution platform that was in place prior to my arrival allowed for the duplication of templates in which I would simply perform a "Find + Replace" in the email's HTML and update the previous month's dates with the current month's date; e.g., "05MAY15" with "06JUN15".

It wasn't uncommon to have to do 7 or 8 holiday related emails in the midst of regular monthly emails and website design and development projects. 
Advantage RN Email January 2014
*I created the travel/flight board in Illustrator; creating an individual tile and then repeating it to form the layout. 
DoorStop November 2013 Email Blast
Snelling Staffing Services Labor Day Email
STC Logistics Ocean Service Email
The Work Group 4th of July Email

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